People, organisation, and technology meet in SMART DATA. In order to make data truly smart, MagnaView gathers knowledge about your sector. With a top-class, talented team we translate this into modern, easy to use analytics products.

Smart Data

The generation of large quantities of reports is not a goal in itself. This is why we do not ask what kind of product users require, but what they want to achieve. We then identify how data offers support. Our people and your people make the difference: by working together and getting to know our customer’s business through and through, we can really add value.

Knowledge of sectors

MagnaView develops products based on solid, accumulated knowledge of the markets and companies we work for. For us, this means investing in the latest knowledge and long-term relationships with partners and users. We closely follow developments in various sectors and look to the future. This is reflected in our products.

Smart Technology

MagnaView products solve problems for large groups of users that have similar business processes. All new, useful features are immediately available to all our customers, for one, transparent ‘all-in’ subscription price. This means that we can offer better value for money and that our partners (and customers) don’t have any surprises. This process of continued development not only ensures that we can help solve business problems, but even that we can avoid them altogether.

The products developed by MagnaView are based on our own web-based software and can be used via any platform or device. Our state-of-the-art technology is the result of ten years’ experience in the development, maintenance, implementation, and sales of sector-specific products for data analysis. All our knowledge and experience in the efficient and effective execution of processes is reflected in our MagnaView products.

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Smart Development

In order to create smart solutions, you need smart people and a smart method of development. MagnaView employs data and software engineers that really understand the interrelationships between data and people. MagnaView has its own agile approach for the development of the software platform, which is based on the most modern insights, methods, and tools. This ultimately makes us the perfect match to develop new products for new markets in cooperation with our partners.

Smart Support

MagnaView support comes from the very people that develop our products. This implies that a user always speaks to someone who knows the answer to a problem, or can immediately refer the user to the right person. MagnaView offers telephone support from employees that perfectly understand customers’ questions. We can regularly be found on location to actively investigate our users’ experiences. We are always looking for the most suitable way of supporting the customer, and are constantly thinking about the most accessible and high quality support we can possibly offer.

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