Users need to get more value from data, while also working with easy to use products. MagnaView users are professionals that would like to see the problems in their daily activities solved. As supplier of software or information products, you understand their requirements and know what is relevant for your users. MagnaView works together with you to offer products that will actually help your users.


Your customers gain nothing from tools that are never used or tools that don’t deliver what they need. MagnaView examines the markets in which our partners are active in order to identify where we can create most added value. Naturally we always approach this from the perspective of the end users: your customers.

In order to demonstrate that we are worth the our partners’ trust, we make the first investment: we explore the demand in a market and carry out pilots with customers. When customers see the value, MagnaView provides them – with you as partner – with SMART DATA.

Partner since 2005
Som.Today (part of Topicus) supplies a leading system for student information in secondary education. Almost all users of Som.Today, and 70 schools that use Magister, work with CumLaude, the application for business intelligence in Dutch secondary education. CumLaude is kept up to date with the changes in the education system and is praised by its users for its user friendliness. Som.Today and MagnaView work in a close partnership in which MagnaView develops and Som.Today maintains existing and new customer relationships.
Partner since 2009
Palga Foundation is internationally renowned for the unique infrastructure it supplies to all clinical pathology laboratories in the Netherlands. In close partnership with Palga, MagnaView supplies the analytical system Pathos to 40 out of 58 labs in the Netherlands.
Partner since 2010
Finalist supplies systems that streamline and optimise the operation of pathology labs. MagnaView’s analytical products compliment these systems with the insights that Smart Data provide in tactical and strategic aspects. Comitatus by MagnaView fits perfectly with the Finalist systems. Visit the Pathology website for more information about PathLab.
Partner since 2017
MagnaView has entered into a partnership agreement with Softmedex. Softmedex delivers MICORE which supports hospitals in the field of infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship. MICORE focuses on real-time operational support and MagnaView has the focus on data analysis. The integrated use of these two systems will provide you with the best possible solution in the field of infectious diseases. In that context, Softmedex has taken over the MagnaView applications Microlab, IP-Team and A-Team. Softmedex will continue these applications and further develop them under the name Data Intelligence as a new module within MICORE. MICORE will then consist of four modules; Infection Prevention, Consultancy, Antibiotics Stewardship and Data Intelligence. More information about MICORE is available on our product website.

SMART DATA for your users?

Interested in joining forces to provide your users with SMART DATA products? Together we can discover the possibilities of MagnaView products for healthcare and education. Thanks to the combination of thorough market knowledge and our own platform, we can supply products together that perfectly fit the demands and requirements of your users. As your partner we will examine your market and are thereby always aware of the most important developments for you. Interested in the possibilities that MagnaView has to offer?



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