The question that underpins all our MagnaView and Cum Laude products is: how can we give users that extra edge with the optimal implementation of SMART DATA?

About MagnaView products

MagnaView products deliver the relevant management information that can lead to an improvement for different levels in any organisation. Ease of use is always a priority. We closely monitor practical situations in order to experience and hear for ourselves exactly what is needed, and in order to be able to support our users and partners. The informal, accessible, and involved working methods that are typical to MagnaView mean have led to long-term working relationships with most of our customers.

With the merger with ProcessGold (sept 2016), MagnaView continues to be used as the name for ProcessGold products in Healthcare. Cum Laude continues to be used as the name for our Education products. Please visit the ProcessGold website to find out more about the possibilities that the ProcessGold Enterprise Platform offers to improve your business!



Working at ProcessGold’s MagnaView team means working in a close-knit team that is characterised by openness and motivation, short lines of communication and an informal working atmosphere. Our work is our joy. This can be seen in the collaborations with partners and customers. It is with good reason that most team members have been growing with MagnaView for a long time. We are completely committed to continuous development, both personally and professionally. Our work is successful if we make great products, of which our customers say: this is exactly what we need and will actually make a difference in what we want to achieve. We all consider it our responsibility to make sure this happens.


Working at MagnaView

Are you a passionate and talented professional? We’re looking forward to meet you.

Martijn Wijffelaars
Product Manager
Dennis Sogeler
Delivery Manager
Remko Bijsmans
Business Developer
Sven Bego
Product Lead
Hans Poppelaars
Product Designer